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Hannah is a PhD student in the Division of Psychiatry at UCL; her research focuses on the impact of a loss to suicide on social groups and the social support that occurs within these groups. Hannah has a BSc in Psychology from Goldsmiths, University of London and an MSc in Forensic Mental Health from King’s College London. As PhD student she has spent several years studying bereavement and social support. Hannah's primary PhD study is a qualitative project with interviews from friend and family groups who are bereaved by suicide about their experience of the loss. Through voluntary work with a mental health charity, she has experience working with people who are suicidal or have been bereaved by suicide. Hannah also has lived experience of suicide bereavement and her interests include bereavement, suicide and social support.


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Media reporting of suicide loss: learning from family and friends who have been bereaved by suicide


Hannah Scott writes her debut blog on a recent qualitative study which looks at the experiences of people bereaved by suicide regarding media reporting of the death.

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