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People often ask me: What’s the best thing about being the Mental Elf?

The tight fitting green spandex costume and the chafing winkle-pickers?
– Err, no.

The hoards of screaming pixies that follow me around the woodland, swooning in adulation at my knowledge of confidence intervals?
– No, admittedly that was great at first, but these things fade.

The sense of satisfaction and pride you get from helping people keep up to date with evidence-based research?
– Well sure, that’s just lovely, but no, there’s something even better…

The fellowship? The groovy feeling you get from being a part of the mental health community? The warm and open friendship? The mutual support and respect?
– That’s the fella! We got there in the end :-)


Being part of the digital mental health community has been a life changing experience for me.

The poor elflings…

Building this website has been incredibly hard work, but it’s also been the most rewarding work I’ve ever done. Some days (and nights) the last thing I want to do is write up another blog, but I’m always inspired by the simple knowledge that there are people out beyond the woodland waiting for the new post.

It’s been an utter joy to hear all the positive feedback from everyone who has taken the time to contact me and say how the site has helped them with their health, or their work, or their studies. It’s a cliché, but it does make it all worthwhile, so thank you!

The elflings have sometimes gone to bed without any bedtime stories, kisses or cuddles from their Daddy, just so you could have your blog in the morning. Are you happy now!?

The elflings have sometimes gone to bed without any bedtime stories, kisses or cuddles from their Daddy, just so you can have your blog in the morning. Are you happy now!?

National Elf Service

We are launching a brand spanking new website this week and we’ll be posting lots more about it in the next few days, so look out for the videos and blogs and tweets. All of the elves are trembling in their subterranean hidey-holes; feeling a combination of trepidation and excitement.

The new site has loads of exciting new features that will help you:

  • Keep up to date with the latest research
  • Connect with colleagues and experts in your field
  • Track your learning and contribute to your professional development

If you’ve ever dreamt about becoming an elf, the time is drawing near when your dream may just come true…

Many nights have been spent around the campfire; planning the website that you need.

Many nights have been spent around the campfire, planning the website that you need.

#ElfieSelfies – your chance to publicly support the elves!

To mark the launch of the new site we are announcing a new social media campaign, which everyone can get involved in. It’s simple, elfy fun and we can’t wait to see how you all run with it.

Take an #ElfieSelfie and support your National Elf Service!

There are 4 simple steps:

  1. Choose the Elf that best matches your area of interest
  2. Download the PDF and print it or stick it on your favoured digital device
  3. Take a photo of YOU and your ELF
  4. Tweet the photo using the #ElfieSelfie hashtag

Many other elves are available!

Download the PDF #ElfieSelfie for your favourite bright-eyed, pointy-eared tiddler:

Artistic license is wholly encouraged

We want your #ElfieSelfie to be an honest, joyful and free expression of your feeling for the elves. Show us how you feel in your photos. We will share them all with the world!

Need printed #ElfieSelfie cards? No problem

Librarians, lecturers, teachers and inkwell monitors may prefer to circulate printed versions of these beautiful #ElfieSelfie cards to their students, colleagues and friends. You can request printed versions by emailing us your name, postal address, email and the number of cards you would like to receive: feedback@thementalelf.net

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André Tomlin is an Information Scientist with 20 years experience working in evidence-based healthcare. He's worked in the NHS, for Oxford University and since 2002 as Managing Director of Minervation Ltd, a consultancy company who do clever digital stuff for charities, universities and the public sector. Most recently André has been the driving force behind the Mental Elf and the National Elf Service; an innovative digital platform that helps professionals keep up to date with simple, clear and engaging summaries of evidence-based research. André is a Trustee at the Centre for Mental Health and an Honorary Research Fellow at University College London Division of Psychiatry. He lives in Bristol, surrounded by dogs, elflings and lots of woodland!

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