Who follows the Mental Elf? Survey results, Jan 2018


Big thanks to everyone who completed our 1-question survey this month.

We asked you to pick which one of twenty roles best described you, so that we could get a sense of the sort of people who follow us on social media and read our blogs.

We had an overwhelming response! Well over a thousand people (1,177 to be exact) completed the survey and here are the results.

  • 74.6% of our audience can broadly be described as professionals. This includes health and social care professionals, researchers, teachers and others
  • 18.4 % of our audience can broadly be described as patients, service users, survivors, activists or carers
  • Every group that we included in our survey got at least 8 responses; from citizens to scientists, from survivors to students, from psychologists to psychiatrists and everything in between. It’s especially pleasing that we’ve built such a diverse group of followers because this makes the conversations that we have around evidence much more democratic and meaningful.
A broad range of people use the Mental Elf.

The Mental Elf is aimed at health and social care professionals, but gets read by people from many different backgrounds.

Survey results

Here is the percentage breakdown of results from the survey we ran from the 12th to the 23rd January 2018:

Primary role % of total audience
Patient, service user, survivor or activist 14.27%
Researcher, scientist or academic 14.02%
Mental health nurse 10.28%
Psychologist 7.65%
Psychiatrist 6.97%
Other health professional 5.78%
Student 5.44%
Therapist 5.01%
Carer, family member or supporter 4.08%
Other (please specify) 3.99%
Social care professional 3.91%
Teacher or lecturer 2.89%
Occupational therapist 2.72%
Counsellor 2.63%
Librarian or information scientist 2.63%
Manager/commissioner 2.63%
Charity worker 2.38%
Pharmacist 1.36%
Health visitor 0.68%
Journalist or blogger 0.68%
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André Tomlin is an Information Scientist with 20 years experience working in evidence-based healthcare. He's worked in the NHS, for Oxford University and since 2002 as Managing Director of Minervation Ltd, a consultancy company who do clever digital stuff for charities, universities and the public sector. Most recently André has been the driving force behind the Mental Elf and the National Elf Service; an innovative digital platform that helps professionals keep up to date with simple, clear and engaging summaries of evidence-based research. André is a Trustee at the Centre for Mental Health and an Honorary Research Fellow at University College London Division of Psychiatry. He lives in Bristol, surrounded by dogs, elflings and lots of woodland!

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