Take a break for 15 minutes and improve your Mental Elf!


2014 is the year of the elf. We have great plans for the coming months and we want you to help us shape those plans.

Later this year we will be launching a new version of the Mental Elf website, which will contain a host of exciting new features for members. We’ve been designing these features for the last year or so and many friends and colleagues have helped us shape them into what we think is a compelling offering.

The new Mental Elf website will feature:

  • Personalised email alerts: keeping you up to date with the latest evidence relevant to you
  • ‘Elf notes’: reflective practice notes that help you summarise your learning around a specific topic
  • Discussion forum: that helps you connect with colleagues and experts
  • ‘Around the campfire’ webinars: online journal clubs that support your learning and increase your skills
  • Themed pages: that bring together blogs, discussions, links and resources on a specific topic
  • Gamification and certification: you can track your learning and link it directly to your CPD/CME



Obviously our website visitors are the best judges of what works and what doesn’t. Our website survey has now closed, but you can still take a look at the new website designs and let us know what you think by posting a comment below.

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