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The Mental Health Foundation have added a new podcast to their excellent collection.  It’s called progressive relaxation for better sleep and it supports the mental health awareness campaign they are running this week to promote the importance of sleep and relaxation.

There are now 14 podcasts in the series, which have been produced over the last few years:

  1. Progressive Relaxation for Better Sleep
  2. What is Mindfulness?
  3. Mindfulness – 10 Minute Practice Exercise
  4. Exercise and Mental Health
  5. How to Overcome Fear and Anxiety
  6. Stress and Relaxation: Quick Fix Breathing Exercise
  7. Stress and Relaxation: Full Works
  8. Wellbeing and Sleep: Quick Fix Relaxation Exercise
  9. Wellbeing and Sleep: Full Works
  10. Stress and the Mind: Quick Fix Relaxation Exercise
  11. Stress and the Mind: Full Works
  12. Wellbeing and Positive Thinking
  13. Wellbeing and Relaxation
  14. Wellbeing and Nutrition

Download the mp3s for free at Mental Health Foundation podcasts.

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