#MQScienceMeeting The Mental Health Science Meeting 2017 is going #BeyondTheRoom!


We’re in a room with lots of clever people in London on Thursday and Friday this week for the third MQ annual Mental Health Science Meeting.

In typical elf style I’ll be doing everything I can to communicate what’s going on in that room to you, and I very much hope that you can join in with the conversation at #MQScienceMeeting.

There’s a fabulous programme of expert researchers from across disciplines to explore cutting-edge new ways to understand, treat and prevent mental illness. The conference covers a really wide range of fascinating topics including early mechanisms of mental ill health, risk factors for mental illness, neuroscience, anxiety disorders, depression, psychosis, bullying, the social environment and the brain, and what good is a diagnosis?

Get involved in #MQScienceMeeting!

There are a few ways you can get involved:

  1. Follow the MQ live blog for regular updates throughout the two days
  2. Join in the conversation on Twitter at #MQScienceMeeting
  3. Listen to the podcast interviews on the MQ Soundcloud playlist
  4. Watch the live stream of the ‘What good is a diagnosis?’ expert panel discussion on the MQ Facebook page at 2pm on Friday 3rd February
  5. Complete our quick poll below to share your views

You can find out more about our #BeyondTheRoom digital conference service in this blog.

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