Give us a kiss for Christmas!


Dear readers,

I’m going to be busy delivering festive cheer to all and sundry over the next few days, so won’t be posting any blogs now until the New Year. As you relax with your mince pies and mulled wine, spare a thought for us elves galavanting around. We’ve only got little legs!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of my readers and supporters for what has been an amazing year. The response that I’ve received from everyone has been really encouraging and has driven me on to make the website, mobile app and all of the social media activity as good as it can be.

Highlights from 2012 include launching the Mental Elf mobile app, being shortlisted for the inaugural UK Science Blogger Award, reaching 4,000 followers on Twitter and getting the BBC to change their headline about the exercise and depression story back in June.

I’ve met with lots of people to talk about the Mental Elf this year. Everyone from the head of mental health at the Department of Health to a recently qualified mental health nurse and dozens of professionals at all kinds of levels in between (you know who you are). Your feedback has been invaluable, so thanks again for taking the time to help me improve the site and the service I provide.

So here is a little thank you message, delivered by the inimitable Lionel Bart.  It’s as meaningful now as it was when it was first recorded over 50 years ago.

Happy Christmas and a big kiss from,

The Mental Elf


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Andre Tomlin

Andre Tomlin

André started the Mental Elf website in May 2011. He has worked as an Information Scientist in Mental Health since the late nineties; initially at Oxford University's Centre for Evidence-Based Mental Health and since 2002 as the Managing Director of Minervation Ltd. He loves blogging, social media and elves! He also has established interests in evidence-based healthcare, usability testing and web design.

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