What does ‘adult protection’ mean to social workers?


In her first Social Care Elf blog, Jo Moriarty, Research Fellow at the Social Care Workforce Research Unit, examines a study looking into the meanings attached to adult protection by social work practitioners.

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Adults with learning disabilities directly report more health problems, particularly headaches and pain, than their carers


Getting information from people with learning disabilities about their health is often done through discussions with professionals and carers. The authors of this study wanted to know more about the health problems people with learning disabilities themselves reported and whether there were differences from what their carers’ reported. They explored this by carrying out a [read the full story…]

Public health nurse home visiting improves outcomes for parents with learning disabilities

Suggestions for future research include developing effective and cost effective models of person centred care, supported living and developing approaches to support family members and carers.

This study evaluated the outcomes of a public health nurse home visiting system for mothers with learning disabilities and for those in a comparison group without learning disabilities. The study authors carried out a secondary analysis of existing family home visiting data using a two-group comparative design.  They looked at 68 (17 for mothers with [read the full story…]