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Training programme improves health advocacy skills for people with learning disabilities


Recent reports on the response of the NHS in England to the health needs of people with learning disabilites have uncovered poor practice and a lack of knowledge and skills (see for example Mencap Getting it Right campaign) We posted earlier in the week about the impact of liaison nursing, one response of the health [read the full story…]

Learning disability liaison nurses valued by stakeholders and improve care, education and organisational development

Young girl and nurse

We have posted a number of times about the response of health services to the needs of people with learning disabbilites and recent reports have focused on the experience of people using general hospitals (see for example Mencap 74 Deaths and counting) One response to this concern has been the development of the Learning Disability [read the full story…]

Learning disabilities support worker training programme improves oral hygiene


People with learning disabilities are more likely to have tooth decay, loose teeth, have gum disease, show higher levels of untreated disease and also have a larger number of extractions than those without disabilities, although evidence does exist to suggest that well-performed preventive procedures can prevent progression of dental disease and reduce tooth loss. The [read the full story…]

Video training on empowerment improves attitudes of staff supporting people with learning disabilities


Attitudes held by professionals towards the empowerment of people with learning disabilities can impact enormously on the nature of the support they receive. There is a big literature on the impact of attitudes held by medical professional s on access to and quality of healthcare for example. This issue was key to the pace of [read the full story…]

Video-based contact programme improves support staff’s interactions with people with learning disabilities


The nature of the interaction between support staff and people with learning disabilities in supported housing is a key factor in quality of life. This study looked at the impact of a video-based contact programme on support staff’s interactions with clients. Seventy-two support staff who supported 12 individuals with visual and learning disabilities took part [read the full story…]