A Hierarchy of Patient-Reported Outcomes for Meta-Analysis of Knee Osteoarthritis Trials

Apples and oranges

Have you ever tried to compare the results of different clinical trials only to find that different outcome measures have been used in each and often in each study more than one outcome measure is reported. This is a common problem for systematic reviewers. When faced with more than one outcome measure which should be [read the full story…]

Return to sport concerns following injury rehabilitation


The World Sports Trauma Congress 17th -20th October 2012, London is being held this week with international speakers discussing topics such as “footballer’s ankle” and “sport after joint replacement”. The congress is connected to the Summer Olympics Games and occurs every four years. This year in London delegates, like us Elves, will undoubtedly be celebrating [read the full story…]

Colonoscopy in people with learning disabilities should be limited to individuals able to tolerate preparation and comply with hydration review suggests


A short while ago, we drew our readers’ attention to information about bowel cancer and learning disabilities produced in Scotland, where it is the second biggest killer. The authors of this review were interested in colonoscopy,  an endoscopic examination of the large bowel and the distal part of the small bowel camera They looked at [read the full story…]

Lifestyle and behaviour change interventions in osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis


Have you ever tried to make and sustain a lifestyle or behaviour change? How easy was it? Someone once explained to me that some things in life are simple, but that doesn’t equate to them being easy. For example, if you want to lose weight, it’s simple – exercise more and eat less, but if [read the full story…]

Recasting respite policy for people with learning disabilities in integrated framework to support family coping and resilience


Most local authorities are attempting to offer a range of services in response to the need for respite or a short break. Authorities have recognised the need to offer services therefore that attempt to meet the needs of carers and the people with disabilities, by ensuring that short breaks are responsive to people using services, [read the full story…]

Review of autism strategy welcomes approach but raises concerns about access to specialist interventions

boy with autism

The Autism Strategy Fulfilling and Rewarding Lives was published in 2010. The strategy is for England only, but the authors of this general review suggest that a detailed look at the strategy will be of interest across the UK. The strategy was published following a commitment made in the Autism Act 2009. It sets out [read the full story…]

Improving mental healthcare for deaf people: new review in the Lancet


Research shows that rates of emotional and behavioural problems in deaf children are about twice as high as they are for hearing children. Depression and anxiety are common in deaf people and they face significant barriers to accessing mental heath services according to a new review in the Lancet. The review was carried out by [read the full story…]