Trial found no difference in oral health quality of life outcomes for two approaches to management of the shortened dental arch


Yesterday we looked at the reported periodontal outcomes from a multicenter trial that compared the outcomes for two different treatment options for the shortened dental arch. Today we are considering the report of the oral health quality of life outcomes (OHRQoL). As outlined previously patients were randomised into two groups; a partial removable dental prosthesis [read the full story…]

Patients showed a preference to retain a tooth affected by apical periodontitis


Apical periodontitis (AP) is a common dental problem and can be treated by root canal treatment (RoCT) or extraction.  The aim of this survey for to explore patients’ preferences for management of a tooth affected by AP, when considering its retention via RoCT, its extraction without replacement, or its replacement with an implant supported crown [read the full story…]

Restoring the shortened dental arch with partial removable dental prosthesis


The shortened dental arch (SDA) has been defined as having an intact anterior region but a reduced number of occluding pairs of posterior teeth. The World Health Organization has stated that the retention, throughout life, of a functional, aesthetic, natural dentition of not less than 20 teeth and not requiring recourse to prostheses should be [read the full story…]