Four types of orthognathic patient; metamorphosizers, pragmatists, shedders, and evolvers


Abnormalities of the jaws and dentition that may constitute a hazard to the maintenance of oral health, and interfere with general well-being of the individual by adversely affecting dentofacial aesthetics, mandibular function, or speech can be defined as dentofacial deformities.  Treatment ( orthognathic ) usually involves combination of orthodontic and surgical treatment.  Satisfaction rates are [read the full story…]

Do I need orthodontic treatment – professionals and patient opinions vary


The number of orthodontic treatments carried out has risen steadily. The reasons patients and parents seek treatment may well differ  from that of the professional who is likely to prioritise function and occlusion. There are systems that have been used to quantify the severity of malocclusions and orthodontic need in an objective manner one of [read the full story…]