Mineral trioxide aggregrate for endodontic treatment of primary molars


Mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) has been put to a range of dental uses, direct pulp capping root-end filling, apexogenesis and apexification in immature teeth, filling root canals an treatment of root fractures. The aim of this review was to evaluate whether the currently available evidence is of an appropriate quality to support the long-term effectiveness [read the full story…]

Study suggest that 5% of all teeth have a periapical radiolucency

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In yesterday’s blog we looked at the outcomes of one versus two visit root canal treatment . Today we are looking at a review which seeks to identify what the prevalence of periapical radiolucencies  and non-surgical root treatment is in the population. The authors searched the MEDLINE and EMBASE databases with hand searching of the [read the full story…]

Insufficient knowledge about the diagnostic accuracy of the different radiographic techniques for imaging the periapical bone

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This review was undertaken to evaluate the diagnostic accuracy of available radiographic methods in use for imaging the periapical bone tissue area.  The review forms part of  wider systematic review covering methods of diagnosis and treatment in endodontics published by the Swedish Council on Health Technology Assessment (SBU). An English version of this is available [read the full story…]

Glass fibre-reinforced posts performed better at 5 years in endodontically treated teeth


Post systems are used in the restoration of endodontically treated teeth where there has been significant loss of the clinical crown. A post provides a method to secure filing material to the tooth.  The aim of this trial was to  assess the survival rate of two different post systems after 5 years of service. Patients [read the full story…]

Cost-effectiveness of molar endodontic retreatment compared with fixed partial dentures and single-tooth implant alternatives

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This study by Kim et al from March 2011  has had a summary prepared by the  Centre for Reviews and Dissemination (CRD)  at the University of York. The CRD summary of the paper states:- This study examined the cost-effectiveness of strategies for the management of a tooth after failed root canal treatment, including non-surgical or [read the full story…]