Cochrane Protocol August 2013


Just over a third (36%) of the UK population are reported to be moderately anxious of dental treatment with about 12% reporting extreme dental anxiety.  Dental anxiety is not just a UK problem but also a global one with figures varying around the world. New to the Cochrane Library is a protocol of a review, [read the full story…]

Study suggests that a computer program may have some success in managing patients with dental needle fear


Significant fear of dental injections has been reported in as many as one in four adults.   The aim of this study was to compare the efficacy of  Computer Assisted Relaxation
 Learning (CARL) with an informational pamphlet for reducing dental injection fear. CARL is a self-paced, computerized program based on systematic desensitization aimed at reducing fear [read the full story…]

Measures of Children’s dental anxiety


Dental anxiety is still a relatively common problem. It usually develops in childhood an early adolescence. The aim of this review was to identify and evaluate self-report measures of dental anxiety that have been used to assess children’s dental anxiety since the 1998 review by Newton and Buck. The authors were planning to Provide:- a [read the full story…]