Supporting early diagnosis in primary care


Introduction This good practice guide is a collaborative effort between the Royal College of Radiologists, the Royal College of General Practitioners, and the Society and College of Radiographers. It has been developed to improve imaging services in the early stages of illness, particularly in primary care, by building strong partnerships between diagnostic imaging departments and [read the full story…]

Mapping chronic disease risk from GP data: geovisualisation of risk


An innovative study to describe chronic disease risk in Tower Hamlets brought geographers and clinicians together. Objective To test the feasibility of bringing together epidemiological and environmental data to prepare small-area geospatial maps of chronic disease risk Study design Cross-sectional geospatial analysis using electronic record data collected routinely in general practice, taking type 2 diabetes [read the full story…]

What makes a good commissioning manager?


As general practitioners take the lead on commissioning for the NHS in England, a qualitative study of GPs and managers from four primary care trusts (PCTs) reports that active management of disparate groups leadership is a success factor, and that organisational processes may be a hindrance. The team from the School of Community-based Medicine, University [read the full story…]

Modelling individual patient hospital expenditure for GP budgets. Needs based target allocation


The NHS in England has introduced a system of budgets for general practices covering hospital expenditure for the patients on their lists. Calculating a needs-based target allocation This report from the Centre for Health Economics describes a procedure for calculating a needs-based target allocation for general practices. The approach differs from previous utilisation based modelling [read the full story…]