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Online mental health events

We will host your online meeting or webinar, live stream it on the Mental Elf YouTube channel and start conversations all over social media.
We will promote the event to your target audience and maximise the engagement with your content before, during and after the event.
“Fox” package: Zoom meeting, live streamed on YouTube, with <100 people, plus live tweeting.
“Badger” package: Zoom webinar with presenter, live streamed on YouTube, with <100 panelists & <500 attendees, plus social media promotion, blog and live tweeting.
“Deer” package: Ticketed Zoom webinar with everything in the “badger” package, plus private rooms for small group discussions, and support to help you programme, promote & manage your event before, during and after.
Check out some of recent mental health online events we've run, or contact us now for a chat or a quote.