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Root perforation repair: non-surgical approach has good success suggests review


This review of root perforation repair included 17 studies that were mainly retrospective and small. The overall success rates for all materials was = 72.5% (CI; 61.9%–81.0%) with a suggestion of better rates for MTA. However, the quality of the evidence was low.

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Depression in patients with alcohol use disorders


Sally Adams summarises a recent meta-analysis of outcomes for independent and substance-induced disorders in people with depression and alcohol use disorders.

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Periodontal treatment and adverse pregnancy outcomes


This study updates a previous meta-analysis adding 2 new studies and reassessing the findings. Overall, it suggests that the provision of periodontal treatment does not seem to prevent adverse pregnancy outcomes, although there is a suggestion of benefit in high risk populations.

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Can psychotherapy reduce suicide and self-harm in young people?

A young woman suffering from depression is consoled by her friend.

Mark Smith presents the findings of a recent systematic review and meta analysis of therapeutic interventions for suicide and self-harm in young people.

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Azithromycin as an adjunctive antibiotic in non-surgical periodontal therapy


Another new review of local or systemic azithromycin as an adjunct in non-surgical periodontal therapy includes 14 RCTs and demonstrates small benefits in periodontal parameters. However, the included studies are small and it is unclear if the benefits are clinically important.

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Calcium hydroxide cavity lining in primary teeth

shutterstock_72680830 - erupting incisors & caries

This review looks at the benefits and harms of cavity lining. However, only 3 very low quality studies comparing calcium hydroxide lining in primary teeth were identified. Restoration without lining did not significantly affect the risk of failure.

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Antibacterial effects of cavity lining: limited evidence available


This review of cavity liners retrieved 14 trials (11 RCTs). The available evidence was limited but some liners seem more suitable to achieve sterile cavities or reduce bacterial numbers than others.

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Childhood adversity and psychotic symptoms: how much can a growing evidence-base tell us?


Stephen Wood ponders the reliability of a recent systematic review and meta-analysis, which suggests that childhood adversity is significantly linked to an elevated risk of psychotic symptom persistence.

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