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Systemic antibiotics for aggressive periodontitis?

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This review of systemic antibiotics and non-surgical periodontal therapy for aggressive periodontitis included 13 RCTs and suggests a statistically significant benefit compared to non-surgical therapy alone.

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CBT plus taper may help reduce short-term benzodiazepine use


John Baker summarises a recent Cochrane systematic review of psychosocial interventions for benzodiazepine harmful use, abuse or dependence.

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Can higher educational attainment help lower dementia risk?


Raluca Lucacel summarises a recent meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies, which investigates the dose-response between education and the risk of dementia.

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Dexamethasone reduced pain and swelling following third molar surgery


This review included 8 RCTs involving a total of 476 patients and found that submucosal dexamethasone reduced postoperative pain and swelling. Although only one of the studies was at low risk of bias and there was a possibility of publication bias, the findings should be considered with caution.

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Medication related osteonecrosis of the jaw


Thirteen studies were included in this review of medication related osteonecrosis of the jaw. The majority were case series ( 9) with the risk of osteonecrosis after tooth extraction being higher in those taking IV bisphosphonates ( 3.2% (95% CI: 1.7–4.7%) than those on oral bisphosphonates 0.15% (95% CI: 0.0–0.36%).

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Caries risk assessment – limited evidence to support current methods

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Only 18 studies were identified for this review of caries risk assessment models. Previous caries experience and salivary mutans streptococci levels were the only two methods with more than 3 studies and the quality of evidence for these two approaches was low.

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Dentine hypersensitivity – calcium sodium phosphosilicate pastes effective suggests review


This review of the use of Calcium Sodium Phosphosilicate (CSPS) for the treatment of dentine hypersensitivity included 11 trials involving a total of 1190 patients suggesting that a 5% CSPS-containing toothpaste is effective for use as an at-home treatment.

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Breastfeeding and caries risk


63 studies were included in the review of the association between breastfeeding and caries. The majority (73%) were cross-sectional. The findings suggest that breastfeeding up to 12 months of age is not associated with an increased risk of dental caries and in fact may offer some protection compared with formula.

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Low quality evidence that periodontal treatment improves glycaemic control in diabetics


This update of a 2010 Cochrane review found low quality evidence that periodontal treatment involving scaling and root planing does improve glycaemic control in people with diabetes, with a mean percentage reduction in HbA1c of 0.29% at 3-4 months, but there is insufficient evidence to demonstrate that this is maintained after 4 months.

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Micro-invasive treatments can slow caries progression

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8 trials involving a total of 365 patients were included in this Cochrane review of micro-invasive treatments for proximal caries. Micro-invasive treatment significantly reduced the odds of lesion progression compared with non-invasive treatment (e.g fluoride varnish) or oral hygiene advice (e.g to floss) OR=0.24, (95% CI; 0.14 to 0.41).

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