Mobile app

Readers of the website have told us that they miss the Mental Elf when they are on the bus, in the hospital canteen and out in the community.  We don’t want you to feel lost, bereft of high quality evidence at your fingertips, so we’ve launched a mobile app of the Mental Elf.

The app has the following features:

  • Up to the minute alerts of the latest Mental Elf blogs, so you get to read our daily updates the second they are published.
  • You can save your favourite blogs to a list.
  • You can take notes and add your own private comments to a blog.
  • You can share interesting blogs (and your comments) with your friends and colleagues.
  • The complete archive of the hundreds of Mental Elf blogs covers all of mental health.
  • You can search this via the app whenever you want.

So if you want to stay in touch with the latest reliable mental health research, policy and guidance. This little chap will make your life a whole lot easier!

Read the press release (PDF) that we sent out on 3/9/12 when we launched the app, or a second press release (PDF) that we circulated on 11/9/12.

What people are saying about the app:

Muir thinks the app is great ammunition for the next mental health revolution!

Sir Muir Gray

Co-Director of the NHS Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) programme and former Chief Knowledge Officer for the NHS:

The second mental health revolution will be driven by three forces: citizens, knowledge and the smartphone; this Mental Elf app is great ammunition.

Paul Jenkins

CEO of Rethink Mental Illness:

As a mental health charity, it’s important for us to stay up to date with the latest research in the field, but with around 20 important papers released on daily basis, this can be a challenge.

The new Mental Elf app will be a valuable tool for our policy and research teams, by providing up-to-date information in an easy to access format. It will also be useful for our members and supporters – as it’ll provide clear, simple, trustworthy summaries that are easy to read, making them accessible to non-academics.

Dr David Briess

Former NHS Psychiatrist, now Medical Director in Neuroscience at Quintiles:

Elfin marvellous! Salient, helpful, byte-sized daily mental health morsels that help me easily keep in touch with what’s new in the field. It’s engaging and will appeal to a wide spectrum of people, helping to break down barriers to understanding research and informing practice.

The functionality of the app is excellent, it really does make reading and understanding research very easy and useful. I particularly like being able to share the blogs or just make comments. It has been designed exceptionally well. I greatly appreciate my daily stocking filler from the Mental Elf!

Martin Webber

Hands on smartphone

The Mental Elf was featured in the Guardian’s 20 Best iPhone and iPad apps in August 2012

Reader in Social Work at the University of York:

I really like the Mental Elf website, and the app is a fantastic addition to this. I have tried it out and it really is a great way to engage people and make it easy for them to digest new research relevant to mental health practice. The idea of getting one new piece of information every day is very exciting.

Practitioners often have to make such an effort to read new papers to keep up-to-date when there is simply not enough time. But the app should change all this as it will make new research so much more accessible.

I just wish there was more social care research being carried out that could be featured in the app, but that is our problem. In my view, the app is a fantastic addition to the armoury of any mental health practitioner, and should make our lives a lot easier.

Victoria Betton

Deputy Director of Strategy and Partnerships, Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust:

I think this app will greatly help all mental health professionals by making new research so much more accessible. I have downloaded the app on to my phone and will personally use it as an alert for any new mental health guidance that comes out. It is going to be extremely useful to have a summary of all new relevant research sent directly to my phone. For busy clinical staff, having easy access to new reports and guidance is going to be a real time saver.

We are delighted that the app has been included in the NHS Health Apps Library.